Gua sha is a technique of traditional Chinese Medicine that is practiced regularly to help aid in relaxation, lymphatic stimulation...
Sweet honey bear carving!
Adorable and unique green aventurine axolotl carvings.
An intricate and beautiful selenite carving of Medusa, a famous Ancient Greek entity.Height: 3.10 "Weight: 42.7 g
Adorable crystal apple carvings with sparkly stem and leaves! Perfect for teachers, fall season lovers, and Aphrodite devotees!
Length: 4"Left Dragon Head Weight: 287gRight Dragon Head Weight: 301g  
Exquisite dream amethyst carving of Gaia - Mother Earth Weight: 301gHeight: 4”
Beautiful and intricate silver sheen obsidian carving of Medusa, a famous Ancient Greek entity.Height: 3.7 inchesWeight: 198g
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