I’m Alyssa, the name, founder, creator, and maker behind Laurusa Mystic. My academic and professional background is in Environmental Science and Environmental Sustainability, and I incorporate this knowledge in all facets of my business. I am also a psychic medium, intuitive, clairvoyant, reader, and practitioner. You may be wondering where the name “Laurusa Mystic” comes from? My favorite herb is the bay leaf (Bay laurel) and the Latin name is Laurus nobilis. One of my favourite quotes describes mystical experiences as “embodying our humanity and our relationship with the natural world”. Ta-Da! With these two inspirations, Laurusa Mystic was created.



✓ All Ingredients & Crystals are sustainably procured

✓ Candle vessels are thrifted, giving them another life and avoiding landfills

✓ All dried florals and herbs are sustainably harvested either locally or within Canada


✓ Eco-friendly packaging, such as biodegradable starch packing peanuts

✓ Our products are cruelty-free

✓ We only use organic essential oils in our products


✓ We are proud to take responsibility for our emissions footprint and choose 100% renewable energy with Bullfrog Power®

✓ We are proud to be a featured business in the Good Choice Initiative’s directory for local businesses that respect social and environmental values

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