I’m Alyssa, the founder and owner behind Laurusa Mystic, a Canadian small business that strives to help you unlock your magic and empower you throughout your spiritual journey, whether you are just beginning or advanced.

I am a witch, spiritual coach, Hellenic polytheist, demonolater, and I have been a practitioner for 10+ years. I connect very strongly to earth energies, and enjoy using crystals and essential oils in my practice. Before running Laurusa Mystic full time I was an Environmental Scientist, so sustainability is core to my personal practice and to my business.

My hope is to share my passions for spirituality, witchcraft, and the occult to build others up and give them the confidence to meet their goals and create a fulfilling practice. This mission drives me to educate others through my Patreon, my podcast 'Ghost Tea' that I co-host, social media content, and the online spiritual and pagan communities that I have helped create.

P.S. - You may be wondering where the name 'Laurusa Mystic' comes from? My favorite herb is the bay leaf (Bay laurel) and the Latin name is Laurus nobilis. One of my favourite quotes describes mystical experiences as “embodying our humanity and our relationship with the natural world”. Ta-Da! With these two inspirations, Laurusa Mystic was created.

Ghost Tea Podcast

In February 2022, I joined as a co-host of Ghost Tea Podcast (GTP) with Ariel Willow. We discuss spirituality, witchcraft, paranormal and occult topics and help shed light on the fear that can keep us from connecting to things beyond our reality. Check out Ghost Tea Podcast website!


I love to share the knowledge and resources I have acquired over the years, provide guidance and advice, and empower others along their spiritual path. My Patreon allows me to get into more of the nitty-gritty of witchcraft and the occult while also holding space for you to grow along your spiritual path no matter where you are starting - from a beginning seedling to a determined sapling to a mature tree - you are welcome without judgement!

Let me help you unlock your magic.


Within my Patreon you’ll find information on the history of witchcraft, the science of magic, exercises for strengthening your clair abilities, spell crafting and how to’s, baneful magic, and so much more!

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